What Courses Are Not Funded By NSFAS?

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What Courses Are Not Funded By NSFAS?

What Courses Are Not Funded By NSFAS?

Does NSFAS fund all courses? We shall discover certain courses or educational interests that are not covered by NSFAS’s financial aid programs. Courses Not Funded by NSFAS are academic programs or educational courses that are not eligible for financial support or funding from South Africa’s National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

NSFAS no longer provide funding for postgraduate courses. This includes postgraduate certificates, postgraduate diplomas, honours degrees, master’s and PhD degrees.

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Courses That Are Not Funded By NSFAS

NSFAS intends to provide funding for courses that lead to certificates and careers in high demand in South Africa, in line with the country’s development objectives. The exclusion of specific courses from NSFAS funding is not unplanned; rather, it is based on the organization’s objective and financial limitations. NSFAS strives to make higher education available to as many South African students as possible; but, funding limits and a concentration on priority regions impose some limitations. NSFAS does not fund the following courses;

  • Postgraduate Degrees:

NSFAS focuses mostly on undergraduate studies. As a result, NSFAS does not sponsor postgraduate courses, including master’s and doctorate degrees. These programs sometimes need specific financing, such as research grants or scholarships.

  • Short Courses and Workshops:

NSFAS is intended to assist long-term academic programs leading to official credentials such as certificates and degrees. NSFAS money is not available for short courses, seminars, or training programs that do not result in recognized certifications.

  • Non-Accredited Programs:

Typically, NSFAS money is granted for courses delivered by accredited educational institutions. NSFAS funding will not be available if a course or institution is not accredited by the appropriate authorities.NSFAS generally assists full-time students in continuing education and part-time studies. Part-time and continuing education programs may be ineligible for financing since NSFAS promotes full-time courses.

  • Programs for Distant Learning:

The availability of NSFAS funding for several programs for distance learning relies heavily on the institution and the particular course. Not all distance education choices will be eligible for NSFAS funding.

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Contact NSFAS

Contact NSFAS through the following details;

Email: info@nsfas.org.za
Facebook: National Student Financial Aid Scheme
Twitter: @myNSFAS
Instagram: @myNSFAS
WhatsApp: +27 78 519 8006

Students who want to study postgraduate, short, non-accredited, or specific professional courses should look into change funding possibilities such as scholarships, grants, or private loans. NSFAS is a vital resource for many students, but while planning your educational career, it’s crucial to be aware of its breadth and limits. Visit the official website of NSFAS for more information.


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