Durban Colleges With NSFAS

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Durban Colleges With NSFAS

Durban Colleges With NSFAS

Durban, noted for its beautiful coastline and vibrant culture, is also home to a plethora of educational institutions offering a diverse range of programs. The cost of tuition might be a big barrier for many students wishing to pursue their education in this South African city. However, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has helped students overcome these obstacles. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a government initiative that provides financial aid to qualified South African students pursuing higher education. NSFAS provides loans and bursaries to students to pay tuition, textbooks, accommodation, and living expenses, making higher education more affordable to a larger range of students.

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Durban Colleges With NSFAS

The following colleges are funded by NSFAS;

  • DUT (Durban University of Technology)

DUT is a top university in Durban, offering a diverse range of programs across multiple faculties. It is an NSFAS-approved university, guaranteeing that qualified students get financial help.

  • KwaZulu-Natal University (UKZN)

UKZN is a reputable institution with many campuses in Durban that offers NSFAS help to qualified students. The institution provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

  • MUT (Mangosuthu University of Technology)

MUT is known for its technology and engineering programs. It is dedicated to enabling students from various backgrounds by providing NSFAS assistance to those in need.

  • Coastal College

Durban’s Coastal College is a Further Education and Training (FET) school. It is important in offering vocational training and skill development, as well as allowing eligible students access to NSFAS.

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NSFAS Durban Colleges Eligibility Criteria

To apply for NSFAS at a college in Diurban, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Must be a South African citizen / permanent resident
  • Combined gross household income should not exceed R350 000 per annum
  • Combined gross household income (persons living with disabilities) should not exceed R600 000 per annum
  • SASSA recipients automatically qualify for financial eligibility
  • Must have email and cell phone number

NSFAS Durban Colleges Application Procedure

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for NSFAS funding is provided below;

Step 1: Go to and click on the ‘myNSFAS’ tab.

Step 2: Create a myNSFAS account

Step 3: Click on the ‘APPLY’ tab and complete the sections on the screen

Step 4: Upload required supporting documents where applicable

Step 5: Click on ‘Submit’

NB: All NSFAS applications must be done online on the official website of NSFAS during the application period. All applications must be submitted before the closing date.

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NSFAS Contact Details

NSFAS Virtual Contact Centre

We are available to assist through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Facebook: National Student Financial Aid Scheme
  • Twitter: @myNSFAS
  • Instagram: @myNSFAS
  • WhatsApp: +27 78 519 8006
  • USSD:*120*67327#.

Durban has a diverse educational environment, with universities offering a wide choice of programs and possibilities to prospective students. Many financially challenged persons can follow their ambitions of higher education because of NSFAS. Visit the official website of NSFAS for more information.


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