How Much Is NSFAS Allowance For 2024

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How Much Is NSFAS Allowance For 2024

How Much Is NSFAS Allowance For 2024

Do you want to know if you are an NSFAS beneficiary and wish to know the amount for 2024? The NSFAS Allowance is the financial assistance granted by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to qualifying South African students. NSFAS is a government-funded program that assists students who need financial resources to pay for their higher education expenses, such as tuition, housing, textbooks, and other associated charges. The annual income of your household determines your NSFAS allocation.

To determine your eligibility, NSFAS uses a means test. You are more likely to earn a greater allowance if your family income is less than a specified level. It is also important to consider the sort of institution you are attending. University and technical college students may get various allowances, reflecting the differing expenses connected with each school.

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How Much Is NSFAS Allowance For 2024

The amounts mentioned for accommodation, living allowance, transportation, and learning materials must be consistent with the most recent DHET rules. Below are the NSFAS allowances;


  • Accommodation: As per the actual costs charged by the university (costs for private accommodation must not exceed costs for university residence)
  • Transport (up to 40 km from the institution) R7 500  per annum
  • Living allowance R15, 000  per annum
  • Book allowances R5200 per annum
  • Incidental/personal care allowance of R2900 per annum for students in catered residences


  • Accommodation in an urban area is R24,000 per annum
  • Accommodation in a peri-urban area is R18,900 per annum
  • Accommodation in a rural area is R15,750 per annum
  •  Transport (up to 40 km from the institution) R7,350  per annum
  • Transport R7000 per annum
  •  Incidental/personal care allowance R2900 per annum.

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Who Qualifies For NSFAS Allowance 2024?

  • All South African citizens
  • All SASSA grant recipients qualifies for funding
  • Applicants whose combined household income is not more than R350 000 per annum
  • A person with disability: Combined household income must not be more than R600 000 per annum
  •  Students who started studying before 2018 and whose household income is not more than R122 000 per annum.

Who Should Not Apply For NSFAS Allowance 2024?

  • Students who have completed a previous qualification.
  • Students with a combined household income of more than R350 000 per annum.
  • Students who have already applied, qualified and received funding. They are automatically funded for the duration of their studies provided they pass their modules and meet the academic requirements.

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How To Apply For NSFAS Allowance 2024

Follow the steps below to apply online for NSFAS allowance for 2024;

  •  Go to and click on the ‘myNSFAS’ tab.
  • Create a myNSFAS account
  • Click on the ‘APPLY’ tab and complete the sections on the screen
  • Upload required supporting documents where applicable
  •  Click on ‘Submit’.

Documents Required To Apply For NSFAS Allowance 2024

The following documents must be uploaded and submitted for NSFAS allowance;

  • Copy of student ID / Birth certificate
  • Copy of parent/s or guardian/ spouse ID
  • Smart card: both sides of the card required
  • Proof of income (where applicable)
  • Persons living with disability (Disability Annexure A form)
  • An applicant who is recognised as a vulnerable child by the Department of Social Development must provide a completed Vulnerable Child Declaration form completed by a social worker
  • An applicant who has indicated that s/he has no family member details and or abridged birth certificate must complete the Declaration: N

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NSFAS Contact Details

NSFAS Virtual Contact Centre

We are available to assist through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Facebook: National Student Financial Aid Scheme
  • Twitter: @myNSFAS
  • Instagram: @myNSFAS
  • WhatsApp: +27 78 519 8006
  • USSD:*120*67327#

The actual amount of the NSFAS Allowance varies based on a number of circumstances, including the student’s financial need, the type of course or program in which they are enrolled, the academic year in which they study, and the cost of living in the location in which they study. Visit the official website of NSFAS for more information.


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