Does NSFAS Fund You if You Failed A Course?

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Does NSFAS Fund You if You Failed A Course?

Does NSFAS Fund You if You Failed A Course?

If you are a South African student who relies on NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) for financial assistance, you may be concerned about what happens if you fail a course. If you’ve failed a course and are reliant on financial assistance, you may be wondering if NSFAS (National Student Financial Assistance Scheme) might still help you.

Yes, even if you failed a course, NSFAS can still give financial assistance. To preserve their funding, students must pass 50% of their courses while also meeting their institution’s admission requirements, according to the scheme’s financial policy agreement.NSFAS maintains this funding requirement if a student fails a course using its N+1 rule.

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NSFAS Funding And Academic Performance

If you fail a course throughout your academic journey, NSFAS will not necessarily revoke your financing immediately. When it comes to failed courses, NSFAS takes the following variables into consideration:

  • Academic Progression Regulations: Academic progression regulations are in effect at the majority of institutions. NSFAS considers these guidelines and may continue to finance you if you are still within the time range allowed to finish your certification.
  • NSFAS normally expects students to make ongoing progress towards their qualification. Failing a course might stymie your development, but NSFAS will consider your circumstances on an individual basis.
  • Communication: It is essential to maintain open channels of contact with both your educational institution and NSFAS. If you are having academic challenges, you should notify them as soon as possible and seek advice.

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If you have failed a course and are concerned about your NSFAS funding, take the following steps:

  • Seek Academic Help: Speak with your academic counsellors or instructors about ways to enhance your performance and pass the course in issue.
  • Please contact your institution: Explain your position to the financial assistance office at your school. They can provide advice and may be able to provide extra assistance.
  • Keep NSFAS up to date: Inform NSFAS about your academic difficulties and the efforts you’re making to overcome them. When it comes to money, transparency is essential.
  • Make a strategy: Make a strategy to catch up on your education and satisfy the academic advancement standards. This might entail taking additional classes or getting help.


  • Maintain Your Commitment: Demonstrate your dedication to your studies by regularly attending courses, completing assignments, and actively engaging in your education.

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Contact NSFAS

Contact NSFAS through the following details;

Facebook: National Student Financial Aid Scheme
Twitter: @myNSFAS
Instagram: @myNSFAS
WhatsApp: +27 78 519 8006

NSFAS is intended to assist students in their educational pursuits. They have requirements in place, but they also recognize that academic journeys may be difficult. If you fail a course, you may still be eligible for NSFAS financing, but this is dependent on your unique circumstances and the regulations of your school. Visit the official website of NSFAS for more information.


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